Animal Art by Anne Partanen
 Animal and wildlife artist                                             "I try to capture the soul of furry creatures because I believe they deserve it."          




Artist Anne Partanen was born in Finland. She has lived her childhood and youth wildly, in Helsinki, just near the center.
Her roots are deep in Northern Carelia  wilderness and her relationships to her relatives greated her  love to the nature. And all the old stories of the majestic big predators coloured the little girl´s mind in every step of her growth.
On her holidays in Northern Carelia, she waited with her cousins to see the king of the forest, while they gathered berries. In the evenings, when the fog came, they were waiting the wolf to visit them.
During the winter time in Helsinki, you could see more and more wolverins, foxes, bears and wolf's in the school girl`s artwork.
Anne's artworks tells deep understanding towards humans and you can sense the sorrow, joy, despair, pain and great happiness, when the big predators and human are meeting.
In her artwork, you can look in the eye on your animal friends and hopefully, we can have the answer from our conscience and we shall think the errors made in past. So hopefully we will make better tomorrow.
(free translation from Marjut Salamas text)